Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ego is the first best thing when used properly. Yeah ! In this world, there are so many examples that can be taken to consider ego as one of the stepping stone to consider. But the point is, how do you consider this ego to be. The best way is, Attitude. Right attitude at the right places to the right person is all that matters.

Monday, January 3, 2011


One moment is a stinging reality and the next moment is an "Alice in Wonderland" dream, is all I can say about my relationship.
I have seen people say or brag about their partners that, "Oh! How lucky I am. We just sink in everything we do. What I say is what she thinks or What she says is what I think. Thank you God !!". 
Well, I say, "Thank You God !! I know what's the truth". People act so stupidly these days, especially when it comes to relationship. 
When two, or three ;) or four ;() or how-many-ever, duhh!!.. say that they think the same and do the same, they either lie or its just bragging. Where is a valid point that's hiding in any of the two reason? Stupidity.. its just insane stupidity !!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello Everyone..

This is not my first blog. However, this is my first one as an unknown person.
 I like to write about anything and share it with friends, though this is going to be a new attempt since its open for no one intentional. Just a random thought about anything in the universe to anyone in there. 
By now you must know that I am not going to show up my identity though I definitely would like to share my ethnic identity, not to deviate myself from the common crowd but to understand me and my ethnic thoughts.
I am an Indian lady with an usual dream. Born down south in a metropolitan city Chennai, usually called as Madras. The purpose of this blog is, well, its just a place where I can let out my sincere opinion over the situations I face. It can be anything from my best sleep ever to the worst decision of mine. I mean literally anything that happens at my life.
Alright, I hope I make this good..
Wishes for a great New Year.