Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello Everyone..

This is not my first blog. However, this is my first one as an unknown person.
 I like to write about anything and share it with friends, though this is going to be a new attempt since its open for no one intentional. Just a random thought about anything in the universe to anyone in there. 
By now you must know that I am not going to show up my identity though I definitely would like to share my ethnic identity, not to deviate myself from the common crowd but to understand me and my ethnic thoughts.
I am an Indian lady with an usual dream. Born down south in a metropolitan city Chennai, usually called as Madras. The purpose of this blog is, well, its just a place where I can let out my sincere opinion over the situations I face. It can be anything from my best sleep ever to the worst decision of mine. I mean literally anything that happens at my life.
Alright, I hope I make this good..
Wishes for a great New Year.

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