Monday, January 3, 2011


One moment is a stinging reality and the next moment is an "Alice in Wonderland" dream, is all I can say about my relationship.
I have seen people say or brag about their partners that, "Oh! How lucky I am. We just sink in everything we do. What I say is what she thinks or What she says is what I think. Thank you God !!". 
Well, I say, "Thank You God !! I know what's the truth". People act so stupidly these days, especially when it comes to relationship. 
When two, or three ;) or four ;() or how-many-ever, duhh!!.. say that they think the same and do the same, they either lie or its just bragging. Where is a valid point that's hiding in any of the two reason? Stupidity.. its just insane stupidity !!

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